PANatlantic Friends with Fluctuosa

21.07.2024//19.00CET Normally Fluctuosa races through complex beat structures at top speed in homage to the AFX/Squarepusher/µ-ziq Braindance era. For us he has switched down several gears and takes us on a journey through various ambient realms. Panorama Deluxe.

Amatori #2

18.07.2024//20.00CET Second Amatori mix by Ruder. Get ready to embark on a transcendent sonic voyage on global grooves, a mixtape that seamlessly weaves together the primal beats of tribal music, the soulful improvisations of jazz, and the vibrant rhythms of hip-hop. This eclectic mix captures the essence of a world ...

Vintage Electronics & Psychedelics | Episode 2

04.07.2024//21.00CET Take another journey with us into a long forgotten future! Your tour guide is once again the fabulous Mr John Lee Richardson.

Amatori #1

20.06.2024//20.00CET The first mix in the upcoming Amatori series is by Stefano Stereo. This ambient mix is an interplay of drones, pads, organs, and resonances seamlessly blending consonance and dissonance. The result is an hour meditative set that invites the listener into a state free of expectations, drops, and illusions..or ...

Octobird Salad #26 | Intelligent Home Listening Music

Archive for future listeners. Check out https://radiopan.fm/podcast/octobird-salad-26-intelligent-home-listening-music/

Octobird Salad#26

Up for some fresh salad?! Today at 20.CET


Amatori is a Berlin-based collective and record label that celebrates the art of the amateur. Named after the Italian word for ‘amateurs,’ Amatori consists of international people who share their passion for music and creativity. The core members of Amatori are based between Berlin and Bassano del Grappa in Italy. ...

Octobird Salad #25 | Regular Beach Activities

Get ready for a fresh round of Octobird Salad. Things are getting a little cheesy this week. Laid back house vibes, cheap happy hour cocktails and too much sunscreen in your ear canals. Just standard beach activities.


Vintage Electronics and Psychedelics Mixed by John Lee Richardson Every first Thursday at 9pm CET John Lee Richardson is the brain and trigger finger behind Indifferent Space Recordings. A Bandcamp label that primarily houses his own musical creations. In addition to bone-dry but still playful acid adventures, you can also ...


Anitta is an Ukrainian DJ and producer with an extensive color spectrum in her output. Both her own productions and her DJ sets take long journeys from trance-like psychedelic sound waves to acid sounds to complex jungle break tirades. And all of this without ever getting stranded in clichés. We ...

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