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John Lee Richardson aka Acrelid live in Manchester

Yesterday still on the radio controls and tomorrow already in the future. If you happen to be in the Manchester area tomorrow, don’t miss the very first live gig by Acrelid aka John Lee Richardson. Red Laser Records says: “Sharing much of the mindset of our own DJ Absolutely Shit ...

Vintage Electronics & Psychedelics | Episode 2

04.07.2024//21.00CET Take another journey with us into a long forgotten future! Your tour guide is once again the fabulous Mr John Lee Richardson.

Octobird Salad #29

Another Episode from your salad boy tonite at 8pm! Tune In!

Amatori #1

20.06.2024//20.00CET The first mix in the upcoming Amatori series is by Stefano Stereo. This ambient mix is an interplay of drones, pads, organs, and resonances seamlessly blending consonance and dissonance. The result is an hour meditative set that invites the listener into a state free of expectations, drops, and illusions..or ...

Octobird Salad #28 | Herbal Mixture

19.06.2024//20.00CET A lurching, vibrating herbal blend from the swampy decades of steaming transcendental brainwaves of freedom-loving layabouts. Grow your hair and say yeah!!!

Octobird Salad #27 | Acid Schmacid

Rules Schmules! Acid Schmacid! Today we’re hanging out for a little acid jam. ­čÖé

Infinity to One | Folge 2: Where is the Clown?

Podcast mit Gayane Hakobyan 09.06.2024//16.00CET Nach der “Clowns Night” in Bermuda Dreieck suchen wir den modernen Clown mitten in gef├╝hlt dystopischen Zeiten. Wo ist der Hofnarr? ├ťber die Absurdit├Ąt der Momente und der Menschheit. Klarheit und Zentner Suche.

Octobird Salad #26 | Intelligent Home Listening Music

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Octobird Salad#26

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