John Lee Richardson aka Acrelid live in Manchester

5. July 2024 - John Lee Richardson

Yesterday still on the radio controls and tomorrow already in the future. If you happen to be in the Manchester area tomorrow, don't miss the very first live gig by Acrelid aka John Lee Richardson.

Red Laser Records says:

"Sharing much of the mindset of our own DJ Absolutely Shit – Acrelid chews on the best bits of 90s rave and E-culture, adds a good dollop of anti-Thatcherite rebellion and digests it through an intestine of primitive music software & advanced electronics before pooping it out as a fully formed package of underground dance music pressure, decorating it all in his own killer artwork which takes the piss out of the Criminal Justice Bill and the anti-rave propaganda of the time. Singular and innovative, there’s simply no-one like Acrelid doing this shit with such vigour and authenticity so we’re mega buzzed to have him debuting his live set for us at Red Laser."

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