The latest Octobird Salad Shows in the Archive of PAN

The latest Episodes of Octobird Salad and a whole bunch of others are in the Archive now. Go check out https://radiopan.fm/memories-of-pan/

Octobird Salad #29

Another Episode from your salad boy tonite at 8pm! Tune In!

Octobird Salad #28 | Herbal Mixture

19.06.2024//20.00CET A lurching, vibrating herbal blend from the swampy decades of steaming transcendental brainwaves of freedom-loving layabouts. Grow your hair and say yeah!!!

Octobird Salad #27 | Acid Schmacid

Rules Schmules! Acid Schmacid! Today we’re hanging out for a little acid jam. ­čÖé

Octobird Salad #26 | Intelligent Home Listening Music

Archive for future listeners. Check out https://radiopan.fm/podcast/octobird-salad-26-intelligent-home-listening-music/

Octobird Salad#26

Up for some fresh salad?! Today at 20.CET

Octobird Salad #25 | Regular Beach Activities

Get ready for a fresh round of Octobird Salad. Things are getting a little cheesy this week. Laid back house vibes, cheap happy hour cocktails and too much sunscreen in your ear canals. Just standard beach activities.

Octobird Salad #24 | Volle Pulle

Again, again, again! Another Episode of Octobird Salad tonite at 20CET! A kinda Punkrock Mixtape! Ausflippen bitte!

Octobird Salad #23 | Make Breaks not Steaks

Another round of Octobird Salad tonite! Speed up to 160 and give that Seitan a spank! We gonna serve breaks not steaks!

Octobird Salad #21 | Hypnobirds

Yesterdays Episode in Todays Archive! At radiopan.fm/memories-of-pan

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