25. May 2024 - John Lee Richardson

Vintage Electronics and Psychedelics
Mixed by John Lee Richardson

Every first Thursday at 9pm CET

John Lee Richardson is the brain and trigger finger behind Indifferent Space Recordings. A Bandcamp label that primarily houses his own musical creations. In addition to bone-dry but still playful acid adventures, you can also find the "Hatcliffe House Tapes" there. On these, he processes his enormous trove of archived sound documents from the pioneering era of sound synthesis into new creations and takes us on a futuristic journey into the past.

His mixtape series "Vintage Electronics & Psychedelics" gives us a closer look at the pioneering source material, but deliberately avoids explanations and analyses. Instead, he relies on what music and sound still do best: he takes us with him, takes us into a space that no longer exists because it has long been polluted by explanations and analyses. (No offense to science! We're just glorifying nostalgia).

John! We're happy to have you on board!


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