Zanderhythm MIX SERIES #02 – VERTICAL67


For the second edition of the Zanderhythm Sunsets there is my mate Vertical67, who was also part of the legendary Various Vegetables crew which threw parties in Berlin around alternative electronic music from 2012-2014. Vertical67 keeps releasing great music since his first LP "Reflect", which came out on the Irish Acroplane Recordings in 2008. He released records with Brokntoys, Lunar Disko, 100% Silk, Magic Waves and on his own label Vortex Traks, which he co-runs with Naks. There was also a tape for Zanderhythm as "The Coloured Chaos". He is really prolific and a top quality music maker, so don't forget to check out his recent releases on Eudemonia, Pulse Drift Recordings and Brokntoys. For this mix he pulled out mostly ambientish musix by artist which are – at least to me – more known for some upbeat stuff, some good finds in there.

Tracklits :
Cloudface - U & Me\
Jodey Kendrick - Strength Of Mind\
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikf\
'f6rening - Victory Over The Sun\
Zenker Brothers - When Nothing Is Safe\
VC-118A - Cylinder\
Barker - Gradients Of Bliss\
Morphology - Bipolar Nebula\
Special Request - Compassion\
Vivian Koch - Enter\
Skee Mask - Rev8617\
Ryan James Ford - Max Bell\
Squarepusher - Dedicated Loop\
Reload - Peschi\
Convextion - Distant Transmission\
Ceephax Acid Crew - Plusion\
LFO - Premacy

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