Zanderhythm-MIX SERIES #01 – FLUCTUOSA

#dj sets

For the first Zanderhythm mix of this series im happy to welcome Fluctuosa.
Besides he has been releasing his "R.I.P MC909" cassette on Zanderhythm he put out 3 great albums full of diamonds like "Graphit Cube" and "Rich Heart Poor Acid" on Sitdownandance (@sitdownandance) a label he co runs with Salih Topuz(@arketipistanbul). Also be sure to check out his latest 2021 release "Physical Hack" on Istanbuls Müstesna Records. For his mix he decided to go down the moody alley of mellow , ambientish - braindance and IDM. Enjoy

Tracklist :
Voafose - Mysteryonics
Cylob - Sanq
Scorn - Falling (Autechre - "FR 13" Mix)
Bitstream - Stream 2
Quinoline Yellow - Natamycin
Funkstörung - I/O
D'Arcangelo - Wer To
The Fear Ratio - Bronik
Bola - Horizophon
Datach'i - Luminist Modular
Gescom - Tangle Ill
BOC - June 9th
Ebi - Kaze

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