PANatlantic Friends with Fluctuosa

21.07.2024//19.00CET Normally Fluctuosa races through complex beat structures at top speed in homage to the AFX/Squarepusher/┬Á-ziq Braindance era. For us he has switched down several gears and takes us on a journey through various ambient realms. Panorama Deluxe.

Amatori #1

20.06.2024//20.00CET The first mix in the upcoming Amatori series is by Stefano Stereo. This ambient mix is an interplay of drones, pads, organs, and resonances seamlessly blending consonance and dissonance. The result is an hour meditative set that invites the listener into a state free of expectations, drops, and illusions..or ...

Octobird Salad #20 | My Favourite Silence

Another episode of Octobird Salad today at 8 p.m. CET. Fully relaxed with a cosmic journey between ambient, post-rock and folk songs. Chill’in and tune out!

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