Zanderhythm Mix Series #13 Fu.ku

#dj sets

Fu.ku, a music lover from Istanbul wakes us up from the longest new years hangover ever,
we start off this year with fu.ku´s minimal electro mix
also check out his monthly show on rootradio.



2- Markus sommer - Gemütlichkeit 5
3- Toke x Gio shengelia - Bpambo
4- Dj slave - This is my crew
5- Furious frank - Textile man
6- Gustaaf - Rest in pace
7- IIIin venice- Philly
8- Liquid earth- A little nucleus
9- CRMLOVE1- Unai trotti
10- CF- Karim benzema
11- CF- Carlos tevez
12- Sector- Reactor
13- Flhez- Lepettit
14- Luis malon- Terrify
15- The Milk- Milk

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