Zanderhythm MIX SERIES #09 – ANITTA


Anitta from Kyiv is making lovely tunes with her gear,
she put out a release on the spanish X4 Records and there are tracks out on various compilations.
Color Squad , MindColorMusic - find her music in a lot of corners of the internet.
She defo knows how to use a sequencer as her rhythms are always playfully moving arround her ambientish synth.


user18081971 - prememory100N pt2
rave industries - natvs
Foreign Sequence - LES REGLAGES (rndacd)
Spoutnik - Ghost Funk
user18081971 - mental telepathy
Cuerina Raw Dry - De nuevo a la raiz (Mati Mielniczuk Remix)
Lee - Lazy Saturday
Nachtkind - The Unknown (Spoutnik remix)
Lucita Octans - Toxic Slag Heaps
Human Behind Pluto - Lightsplitter
Pope John Paul Van Damme - Man Wants Chaos
Spoutnik - Tetra
Tom S - Chatty dubplate
Consul - Satellite Control
cybermission - sigh

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