Zanderhythm MIX SERIES #04 – ARKETIP


This mix is coming straight from Cambazli , Salih Topuz aka Arketip does his part for the Zanderhythm series for this pink moon. He co-runs Sitdownandance, the number one turkish braindance label with Fluctuosa.
Also he is responsible for mastering latest zanderhythm output.
We will have some Arketip on zanderhythm this year for sure and also we gonna put some dried tomatoes straight from cambazli in your acid sandwiches. This is permaculture sisters and brothers !
Check out his releases:…neler-neler

1.Solvent -- Tape Recorder
2.AFX -- 10bcr78
3.Bochum Welt -- Interlude
4.Satelite Grooves -- A New Spark For A New Heart
5.Ambidextrous -- Neon Renaissance
6.Robag Wruhme -- Kuttenrolch 1996
7.IJO -- Milleteck
8.Datach´i -- Leonard Park
9.VST Spor -- Ucan Baron
10.Scrase -- Turcia
11.Jerry La Film -- Killer WoW
12.D´Arcangelo -- Chair Theme
13.Aphex Twin -- Minipopz67 [Source Field Mix] Fake
14.Koko Uno -- Alternatif Son

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