Zanderhythm MIX #11 – OCTOBIRD


Who else in October than Octobird. Alias Loom alias Kinskop, the driving force behind the legendary Various Vegetables radioshow. Octobird had a lot of brilliant releases on different labels. One for Zanderhythm as Kinskop, recently he also put out music on Pr0gramma.He is a music lover check his mixes on his soundcloud also he writes about music in a quit entertaining style on his website.Ages ago David Firth took one of his trax for an animation but thats another story.This mix aims to bring some peace into our disturbed minds, so stare out of the window if you still have one.

SC: @octobirdhex
www :
Pr0gramma release :

- Misha Sultan - A Light to Oneself - The Red Fern Road
- Koyil - Shustari - Healing Cycles
- Paradise Cinema - Digital Palm - Paradise Cinema
- Don't DJ - Disparata 69 - Musique Acephale
- Zatua - Silver Horizon - Sin Existencia
- Golden Axe - Apane Koolhon KO Hilaen
- Tornado Wallace - Falling Sun - Falling Sun
- Trans?4M - Amma - Sublunar Oracles
- Jan Jelinek - Up To My Same Old Trick Again - Tierbeobachtungen
- Bitchin Bajas - Angels And Demons At Play - Bajas Fresh
- Leif - Rosa - Loom Dream
- Nikita Bugaev & Diana Romanova & Vlad Dobrovolski - pol - STOP THE WAR!
- The Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday - Every Day
- Arooj Aftab - Saans Lo - Vulture Prince

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