Octobird Salad #29 | Intelligent Rave Music


Actually just a failed attempt to dive into that retro Rave cult the kids are into these days. No matter what it's still funky, dancy, viby... and a bit brainy. Let it roll!

Strip Steve - Spheres
Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho - 2 Wangs In A Room
Cleveland - DX6
Coral D - Fall Away
Jotel California - Slow the Sunset
Derek Carr - Typhoon
Heychild - Heychild's Theme
Space Dimension Controller - Life Window (Extended Version)
Damiano von Erckert - Frankfurt-1997
Paranoid London - Fields of Fire
Type-303 - Acid Earth
SL2 - The Noise (The Original)
LFO - Tan Ta Ra (Moby Remix)
Duplex - Martian Lakes
Jared Wilson - Cassini
Luke Vibert - Batter Bits
BufoBufo - Cave Network
Saturday Night Rush - Dance Wicked
Maruwa - This 1 Is For The Ravers
softcoresoft - Meteor Shower
Computor Rockers - Computor Groove
Viikatory - Viikatory - Space Syncopation
Oxynucid - Wir3b0x
Polysick - Haze

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