Octobird Salad #26 | Intelligent Home Listening Music

#dj sets

In this episode we take a little spontaneous trip through my IDM folder. We maneuver through this genre as vaguely as the term has always been. Most of it is not "dance music" but it is all somehow clever...intelligent. Sit back and fly!


Aria Rostami , El Joven - 𐎩​𐎺​𐎴
Aleph-1 - 1 C A g 08.4s
Freeform - Poundland
Lurka - Clean
Dubplanet X - Unhidden
Ara Koufax - Morning Sickness
Attraktta - Stay Frosty
Landau - Thanks A Whole Lot
Multiplex - Patients (Mr.Projectile)
AOKI Takamasa - Rhythm Variation - 07
Pole - Heim (Four Tet Remix)
J.Wiltshire - drilled into
Kassem Mosse - Ways
Aybee - Landing
Soma - Arcane (Atom Heart Remix)
Brainwaltzera - Consent
Dwaallicht - Humidex
Datassette - Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark
Ara Koufax - HBGary
Yushh - Same Same
Valley Lines - Soft Violence
flywheel - Rouze
Objekt - Interlude (Whodunnit?)
Serge Geyzel - New Beginnings
Existential Wabbit - 404

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